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Modifications in air strain trigger inadequate oxygen provide to the physique, inflicting problem respiratory, speedy heartbeat, inflicting complications and nausea.

Some individuals typically get complications when altering altitudes equivalent to flying, cable vehicles, or climbing mountains. This situation is named altitude headache, which happens when air strain modifications.

The human lungs and circulatory system operate usually in atmospheric circumstances at sea degree altitudes. The air close to the bottom accommodates extra oxygen. When individuals go to excessive altitudes, air strain regularly decreases, the air accommodates much less oxygen, making it troublesome for the lungs to breathe.

At an altitude of over 2,500 m above sea degree, which is the altitude when climbing mountains or flying, many individuals have problem respiratory and their coronary heart fee will increase quickly. That is to offer sufficient oxygen to the physique’s organs, resulting in complications and nausea. The upper the altitude, the decrease the quantity of oxygen within the air, making the headache worse.

The extent of ache depends upon the climbing pace in addition to the time of altitude change. If the time from the bottom to excessive altitude is speedy, the potential of complications might be extra extreme and last more as a result of the physique can’t adapt to the sudden change in air. Quite the opposite, the pace of ascent is gradual, the danger of ache could also be much less.

Complications attributable to modifications in altitude typically happen on each side of the top, and could also be accompanied by different signs equivalent to drained respiratory, coughing, and weak limbs. The ache normally subsides after 24 hours or once you return to altitudes beneath 2,000 m or sea degree.

To forestall complications, climbers ought to climb slowly, not exert themselves, and relaxation correctly. In case of altitude change when flying, cable automotive or different actions, it is best to drink extra water than common, greater than two liters per day. Enhance the quantity of carbohydrates in your eating regimen within the days earlier than a change in altitude. Some meals wealthy in wholesome carbohydrates for the physique equivalent to barley, legumes, candy potatoes, brown rice…

Adults may also get complications attributable to stress earlier than climbing mountains or flying. Hold a snug and completely happy mentality to keep away from the danger of headache signs showing.

Cigarettes and alcohol make it tougher for the physique to get used to excessive altitudes, negatively affecting your well being. Keep away from consuming alcohol and smoking earlier than these journeys. If crucial, you may convey a transportable oxygen tank to complement oxygen when climbing to cut back complications.

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