Nobel-winning scientist Peter Higgs, who discovered the God particle, has passed away

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  • Nobel Prize winning scientist Peter Higgs was 94
  • Scientist died at home due to illness
  • Peter Higgs won the Nobel Prize in 2013

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Peter Higgs has died at the age of 94. Higgs is known for the discovery of the God particle. The discovery of the God particle helped explain how the universe was formed after the Big Bang. They jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the Higgs-Boson theory. The University of Edinburgh confirmed Higgs’ death, saying he died at home following an illness on Monday, 8 April.

peter higgs was a great teacher

The University of Edinburgh said that Higgs was a great teacher. Peter Matheson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, said Higgs was a brilliant personality and a brilliant scientist. His vision and imagination have enriched our knowledge of the world. Thousands of scientists have been inspired by his works. Future generations will continue to carry forward his legacy.

Received Nobel Prize in the year 2013

Britain’s Peter Higgs and Belgium’s Francois Englert won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics. Both scientists discovered a theoretical process to explain the mass of particles smaller than atoms. Higgs was a Fellow and Companion of Honor of the Royal Society. He founded the Higgs Center for Theoretical Physics in 2012.

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