Britain: 12 Indians arrested for violating visa rules

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  • 12 Indians working in illegal cake factory in Sakanja
  • British immigration officials raided
  • 7 other people involved in illegal activities are also in custody

British immigration officials arrested 12 Indians on suspicion of violating visa conditions during the raid. A woman is also included in these. He worked illegally in a carpet and cake factory. British officials said on Wednesday the action came after reports of a decline in the mattress business in the Midlands region. During this period seven people were arrested. They were all Indians.

4 other Indians have also been arrested
Four other Indians working in a nearby cake factory were arrested. Violation of visa conditions was found in the investigation. Additionally, an Indian woman was arrested from a private home for violating immigration rules. Officials said four criminals have been detained pending deportation from Britain or deportation to India. The remaining eight have been granted bail on the condition that they report regularly.
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