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I’ve a behavior of freezing processed meals, each to avoid wasting and to make use of them later. Is that this dangerous to my well being? (Dangle, 35 years outdated, Hanoi)

Freezing slows spoilage and retains meals secure by stopping microbial progress. For busy individuals, freezing processed meals is a sensible answer that doesn’t take a lot time and nonetheless lets you put together numerous, scrumptious, and nutritious meals.

Most processed meals will be frozen within the fridge, together with meat, fish, and greens. Ready meals must be saved within the fridge for not more than 2 hours after cooking or one hour if uncovered to outdoors temperatures above 32 levels Celsius.

Freezing time will differ relying on every kind of meals. For instance, the freezing interval of some processed meals is as follows:

Processed pork: 2-3 months

Poultry: 4 months

Fish: 2-4 months

Soups and stews: 2-3 months.

To correctly freeze and hold meals contemporary and never spoiled, be aware that the freezer is normally set at -18 levels Celsius or decrease, wrap meals tightly, and keep away from putting sizzling meals within the fridge. As a result of this will increase the fridge temperature, inflicting unfavorable results on surrounding meals, you need to await the meals to chill utterly earlier than placing it within the fridge.

Divide the quantity of frozen meals into small items for ease of defrosting and take out a ample quantity when used.

Don’t retailer uncooked meals subsequent to cooked meals to keep away from cross-contamination. Defrosted meals must be used up and never put again within the freezer to keep away from inflicting meals poisoning.

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