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After quarter-hour of consuming lunch with wild greens, the 2 sisters skilled dizziness, lightheadedness, and convulsions. The physician found that there have been aloe vera leaves within the meal.

On April 3, medical doctors from the Division of Intensive Care – Poison Management, Phu Tho Provincial Common Hospital, stated the sufferers have been admitted to the hospital once they have been in a coma and had respiratory failure.

Earlier than that, the 2 sisters had lunch with wild greens picked by acquaintances. After quarter-hour, each of them have been paralyzed within the decrease jaw, unable to talk, then convulsed. They have been rushed to the district medical middle and transferred to the provincial hospital.

Medical doctors from the Division of Intensive Care – Anti-Poisoning lavage the abdomen, preserve mechanical air flow by way of an endotracheal tube, management respiratory and heart problems, use anticonvulsants, and use activated charcoal to detoxify by way of a gastric tube.

By means of gastric lavage, the group found the leaves within the affected person’s digestive system, diagnosing poisoning because of the toxins on this vegetable.

After every week, the 2 sufferers’ well being stabilized.

uImage of palm leaves within the affected person’s gastric lavage fluid. Picture: Hospital supplied

Finger leaf is a extremely poisonous plant that always grows naturally in mountainous areas within the Northern mountainous provinces. Signs of poisoning are stomach ache, nausea, irritability, fatigue, chilly pores and skin, sweating, muscle weak spot, and in extreme instances, full paralysis.

In lots of instances, sensitivity to mild, glare, drooping eyelids and paralysis of the decrease jaw muscle mass result in the decrease jaw falling and never with the ability to shut into the mouth.

Palm leaf poisoning additionally causes respiratory failure, gradual coronary heart price, low blood stress, cardiac arrest, convulsions… If not detected and handled promptly, the sufferer can die in a short time throughout the first few hours. .

There may be at present no particular remedy for such a poisoning.

When discovering that the sufferer is poisoned by the leaves, folks have to shortly take away the poison from their physique by inflicting vomiting. After that, the affected person ought to be transferred to the closest medical facility for gastric lavage, activated charcoal, intravenous fluids, and cleansing remedy.

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