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My mom is 57 years outdated, has been a vegetarian for 3 years, and had a common well being check-up and had grade 1 fatty liver. Why do vegetarians nonetheless get fatty liver illness? Can or not it’s cured? (Lien Nguyen, Tay Ninh)

Fatty liver is a situation during which fats or fats accumulates in liver cells. If the illness is gentle and handled promptly, the danger of progressing to power hepatitis and cirrhosis is low.

The causes of fatty liver are sometimes divided into two massive teams: alcohol use and non-alcoholic fatty liver illness, also called non-alcoholic fatty liver illness.

About 30% of individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver illness develop power hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver most cancers. Relying on the quantity of fats gathered within the liver, the illness is split into three completely different levels: fatty liver stage one (the quantity of fats accounts for 5-10% of the liver weight), stage two (the quantity of fats accounts for 10-25% of the liver weight). and grade three (fats accounts for greater than 30% of liver weight).

Non-alcoholic fatty liver illness typically comes from an unbalanced weight-reduction plan and vitamin, consuming quite a lot of fats, starchy sugar and processed meals, and a sedentary life-style, resulting in extra physique weight. vitality, fats accumulation within the liver.

Vegetarians, abstaining from animal fat and proteins, consuming solely greens, starch, and nuts are nonetheless liable to fatty liver illness. If the vegetarian weight-reduction plan is unbalanced and doesn’t have sufficient vitamins, the physique lacks the vitality wanted for each day actions, rising starvation, thereby rising meals consumption, resulting in extra energy consumed. than.

Vegetarians may get fatty liver in the event that they eat quite a lot of vegetarian dishes wealthy in carbohydrates equivalent to rice, noodles, vermicelli, pho… The physique converts carbohydrates into fats, over time inflicting fatty liver.

If vegetarian dishes are ready in a fried type, including a number of spices and enormous quantities of fats and sugar, making vegetarian dishes increased in energy than traditional.

Physician Minh Thuy examined a affected person. Illustration: Tam Anh Normal Hospital

Some vegetarians are inclined to complement pure nutritional vitamins from fruits. Though consuming fruits is sweet on your well being, they include quite a lot of pure sugar. If an excessive amount of sugar is consumed, the liver converts it into glycogen and shops it, the surplus saved turns into fats.

Some fruits additionally include fats. For instance, avocado is wealthy in good fat, however consuming an excessive amount of will increase the quantity of energy consumed by the physique, rising the danger of fatty liver illness.

To make sure well being, it’s essential to eat a vegetarian weight-reduction plan correctly equivalent to combining and balancing the 4 teams of vitamins needed for the physique (protein, fats, starch, nutritional vitamins and minerals). Enhance protein consumption from meals excessive in protein together with beans, nut milk, mushrooms… Vegetarian circumstances that don’t guarantee vitamins have to complement some needed micronutrients equivalent to calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium. .. in line with the recommendation of a nutritionist.

Relying on the extent of fatty liver, the physician prescribes remedy together with applicable weight-reduction plan, relaxation and train. Along with belly ultrasound, the physician can do some extra blood checks to find out the standing of liver enzymes, blood fats, blood sugar…

Stage 1 fatty liver illness like your mom’s typically improves after adjusting your life-style, having a balanced weight-reduction plan, exercising commonly, preserving a cheerful and optimistic spirit, and controlling stress. . If needed, the physician will advise or prescribe drugs containing pure essences equivalent to Wasabia, S. Marianum to help liver cells.

You must take your mom for normal well being checkups to watch her well being and get applicable therapy.

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