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Quang NgaiMr. Truong Quang Quyt, 50 years outdated, was utterly paralyzed resulting from Guillain Barre syndrome, and recovered after 6 plasma exchanges.

Mr. Quyt was admitted to the emergency room at Quang Ngai Provincial Basic Hospital on March 27 in a state of paralysis and lack of feeling in his complete physique, problem speaking, and problem chewing and swallowing. Indicators began the evening earlier than, signs of numbness and weak point within the limbs progressed quickly. The outcomes of a lumbar puncture analyzing cerebrospinal fluid and electromyography confirmed that the affected person had Guillain Barre syndrome (polyradiculoneuritis).

This syndrome causes the physique’s immune system to assault nerves, resulting in quick muscle paralysis. Probably the most harmful of those is respiratory muscle paralysis, which places the affected person at excessive threat of loss of life if not handled early.

Medical doctors within the Division of Intensive Care – Poison Management assessed that affected person Tangerine was susceptible to respiratory paralysis – one of the harmful problems of Guillain Barre syndrome, and prescribed plasma alternate. After a course of 6 therapies, Mr. Quyt’s well being steadily stabilized. Mr. Quyt can now train frivolously and converse usually, and is anticipated to be discharged from the hospital within the subsequent few days.

Physician Tran Khac Vinh, Head of the Division of Intensive Care – Poison Management, mentioned Mr. Quyt is a fairly particular case as a result of the development of the illness is comparatively quick, with full paralysis solely after about 12 hours of symptom onset.

To stop problems of respiratory paralysis, plasma alternate is the optimum therapy technique, eliminating autoimmune antibodies to enhance the situation and get better rapidly.

In current occasions, due to this method, the hospital has efficiently handled many ailments resembling acute liver failure, acute power liver failure, acute pancreatitis resulting from elevated triglycerides, extreme myasthenia gravis and lots of different autoimmune ailments…

In keeping with the Nationwide Institute of Well being, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) has an incidence of 0.8-1.9 circumstances per 100,000 folks worldwide annually.

Signs of the illness are lack of feeling within the fingers and toes, which then spreads all through the physique. Together with that, the affected person has problem with eye actions, facial actions, and when talking, chewing, and swallowing. In some circumstances, signs progress quickly, with full paralysis of the limbs and respiratory muscle tissue in only a few hours.

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