‘Speech flies higher than kites’, Trump taunts Biden!

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  • War of words continues between Trump and Biden before the presidential elections in America
  • Trump’s sarcasm on the news of cocaine being seized from the White House in July last year
  • Biden looked very excited during State of the Union speech: Trump

General elections are going to be held in America this year. Before this, Republican Party leader Donald Trump is attacking President Joe Biden. Trump described Biden’s State of the Union speech as his worst recent rhetoric. Trump appeared in an interview with a radio broadcaster on Thursday. He also mentioned the news of cocaine being seized from the White House in July last year.

Trump was asked if he thought President Biden was using cocaine. In response, Trump said that Biden seemed very excited during his State of the Union speech last month. “I don’t know if he was using it or not,” Trump said. But he was flying more than a kite. So this speech was the worst speech I have ever seen.

Trump said, did you know that white powder was found there? I don’t know about cocaine use in the White House. I think there was something going on there. He claimed that Biden is being helped in some way. It seems that they sleep most of the time.

Trump demanded a debate with Biden and said that Democratic leaders should be drug tested before the event. I want to debate and I think drugs should be tested before arguing with them.

Despite Trump’s claims, there is no evidence yet that Biden was under the influence of any intoxicants during his State of the Union speech. Republicans and Biden’s critics are questioning where he got this energy from.

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