Is India really killing Pakistani terrorists at the hands of local people?

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  • People of our country can kill for 50 thousand: Pakistani expert
  • Pakistan expert Qamar Chiman accused Pakistanis
  • Pakistanis kill in their own country for few rupees: Qamar Cheema

For the last few years, terrorists are being killed one after the other in Pakistan. This action is being taken against the terrorists who are spreading terror in Kashmir after the Mumbai terrorist attack. Pakistan’s expert Qamar Cheema says that this action is being taken by India. He says that instead of sending its own people, India is doing this work for the people living in Pakistan. Pakistan has no money and India is taking advantage of it. She is killing Pakistani terrorists by paying only Rs 50-50 thousand.

Qamar Cheema says that India’s intelligence agencies are running undercover missions. He said that a report has also come out in this regard, in which this has been said after talking to the officials of India and Pakistan. Qamar Cheema has said, ‘India is involved in many judicial killings inside Pakistan. Look at his courage, how he is keeping an eye on the people involved in Jihad in Kashmir. How many times is this destroying people? India’s strategy is to eliminate Pakistani terrorists living in other countries. Qamar Cheema has further said that according to this report he has talked to people in India and Pakistan and they have told him this. How are India’s intelligence agencies doing this and especially since 2009?

Qamar Chiman said, more than 20 people have been shot dead since 2020. See how much work their network is doing in the system. And look at the Pakistanis, who enjoy a few thousand and lakhs of rupees, and many of their sleeper sales are based in the UAE. Poor Pakistanis get calls from UAE, Middle East and Europe that they will give money and shoot those people. Pakistanis say okay, give 50 thousand rupees, we will kill in Pakistan. Your leaders have made the condition of Pakistanis such that they have forgotten nationalism, equality and Pakistan. The price is very low.

He further said that there is no one who can ask about the people who have been killed since 2020. Indians have no worries. Pakistan cannot say anything to India. India says those who died are terrorists. Qamar Cheema further said that UAE has a big role in this because there are many Pakistanis there and there is a big network. Many Pakistanis from Europe were also killed. India was not included in this. Other people were involved.

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