Pakistan News: Pakistani Army attacks police station of Punjab Police

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  • Pakistani Army is once again in the news for atrocities.
  • The army carried out a deadly attack on its own policemen.
  • Local media were instructed not to report on this incident

Pakistan News: Pakistani Army constantly remains in the headlines for its atrocities and conspiracies. Many Pakistanis say that the political and economic instability that exists in the country today is because of the army. A new case has come to light in which it is being said that the Pakistani Army is torturing its own police.

A video is going viral on social media in which it is being claimed that Pakistani Army attacked a police station of Punjab Province. Many people, including a Pakistani journalist, have reported this by posting on social media platform and micro-blogging site Twitter (X). However, this video has not been confirmed yet.

It can be seen in the video that Pakistani Army attacks a police station of Punjab Police. There is a deadly attack on the police station personnel by the army and the policemen are killed and bloodied. According to Pakistani media reports, the mistake of the policemen was that they dared to seize illegal weapons from the brother of an army soldier. After this, the army stormed the police station and arrested and beat up everyone they found.

A Pakistani journalist posted a video of the incident on Twitter (X), which immediately went viral. In the tweet, he wrote that worrying news of conflict between Madarisa police station and army personnel has come to light in Bhawalnagar, Punjab. The journalist further wrote that during patrolling, the police recovered illegal weapons from the brother of an army commando. Later a dispute broke out and the police personnel had to face the anger of the army personnel.

Reacting to the video on social media, users are saying that after the news went viral, local media have been advised not to report the incident. The situation has become so bad. Now it remains to be seen what statement the Army Chief gives in this matter.

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