Russia: Three more accused arrested in Moscow terrorist attack case

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  • There has been a terrorist attack in a hall in Moscow, the capital of Russia.
  • The infamous Moscow terrorist incident has been accepted by the global terrorist organization ISIS.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to take revenge for the terrorist attack.

Russia’s FSB security service said on Thursday it had arrested three more people on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist attack on a Moscow concert hall last month. Gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall on the outskirts of Moscow and set the building on fire. The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed more than 140 people.

FSB arrested three people

The FSB said on Thursday it had arrested three people accused of funding and recruiting people for the attack in Moscow. According to information, two of the arrested persons had transferred money for the purchase of weapons and vehicles to be used in terrorist attacks and the third person was directly involved in recruiting and carrying out terrorist attacks. Was involved in their funding. ,

Moscow blames the West

In a video released by government media, FSB agents are seen arresting the accused. The agency said two of them are foreigners and one is Russian. Russia has arrested more than a dozen people involved in the attack, including four gunmen, all of whom are citizens of Tajikistan. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack but Moscow has repeatedly said it was an ‘order’ from Kiev or the West.

This attack took place on 22 March

On the evening of March 22, when terrorists attacked Moscow’s famous concert hall Crocus City, thousands of people were present there. Along with claiming responsibility for the attack, Islamic State claimed through its alleged Telegram channel that its terrorists have returned to their hideout after carrying out the attack. This concert hall is very famous in Moscow and last day more than 6200 people were present here.

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