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I work from home so I exploit air-con virtually all day and night time as a result of the climate is kind of scorching. Will this have an effect on my lungs? (Minh, 33 years previous, HCMC)

Utilizing air-con brings sure advantages to work efficiency, in addition to bringing consolation to folks, together with hospital sufferers. Nevertheless, utilizing air-con repeatedly or preserving the temperature too chilly will negatively have an effect on respiratory well being.

Chilly air simply dries out the nasal mucosa, which helps shield the respiratory tract to forestall bacterial or viral brokers from coming into the lungs and inflicting an infection, particularly for folks with power respiratory illnesses similar to obstructive pulmonary illness. power congestion, bronchiectasis, the aged, many underlying illnesses, weak resistance. Many research have proven that air that’s too chilly will make folks with bronchial asthma or hypersensitive lung illness extra prone to bronchospasm, inflicting bronchial asthma exacerbations.

A temperature distinction that’s too excessive between the surface setting and the within of the room may also trigger the physique to not have the ability to adapt, inflicting warmth shock.

For security, air conditioner customers shouldn’t let the distinction in ambient temperature and air conditioner temperature exceed 7 levels. Commonly maintain the room well-ventilated and clear the air conditioner periodically, as a result of infectious brokers can exist in closed environments, negatively affecting respiratory well being.

Bedrooms with air-con should be cleaned repeatedly. Within the morning after utilizing the air conditioner for a lot of hours in a single day, it’s best to open the home windows to let in daylight and wind to assist disinfect and flow into the air.

When sleeping, keep away from sleeping the place the air conditioner blows immediately into your face and head as a result of it will probably trigger stuffy nostril and sore throat. As well as, to humidify the air when utilizing air-con, you possibly can place a basin of water in a nook of the bed room.

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