How will you acknowledge if belly fats is placing you in danger?

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Let’s begin with the straightforward take a look at: how do you verify if there may be belly fats? Merely measure the waist circumference with a tape measure – whether it is over 88 cm in ladies there’s a threat, or whether it is over 102 cm in males.Utilizing a non-elastic measuring tape (just like the one used for stitching) when the measurement is made “midway” between the decrease rib and the femur. One other technique to discover the placement of the measurement: in a standing place, bend the physique to the aspect – within the place the place the indentation was created in the course of the bending – that’s the place the tape measure is positioned. Return to standing straight and measure the circumference on this place across the physique.

A extra correct take a look at is the circumference of the waist relative to our top – calculators: circumference of the waist – components of top (in cm):

0.4 to 0.5 – regular

0.6 and above – excessive threat of well being issues.

In response to the precise measure, a girl with a top of 160 cm is at elevated well being threat if her waist circumference is larger than 80 cm.

What’s the answer?

A eating regimen with few sugars (together with fructose, the fruit sugar) and carbohydrates, and if there are carbohydrates in any respect, be certain solely high-quality carbohydrates.

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