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TP HCMMr. Than, 32 years outdated, has degenerative and ankylosing spondylitis of the hip joint for greater than 10 years, presently with deformed bones, low legs and excessive legs.

His proper hip joint is totally stiff, unable to elevate his legs, curvature of the backbone… Greater than 10 years in the past, he was recognized with degeneration and ankylosing spondylitis of the hip joint. The physician prescribed surgical procedure however for a lot of causes. The rationale he hasn’t been handled but. Mr. Than can not do vigorous actions, play sports activities, can not carry objects weighing about 5-10 kg, and his day by day life is affected.

On April 12, M.D. Dang Khoa Khoa, Head of Normal Orthopedics Division, Tam Anh Normal Hospital, Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, mentioned that Mr. Than’s situation may be very difficult. Adhesions, stiffness and extreme hip degeneration over a protracted time frame with out correct remedy may cause the backbone to curve to 1 aspect, the pelvis tilts up, contraction of the iliopsoas and abductor muscle teams, and tone imbalance. muscle groups on either side, the distinction in leg size is almost 4 cm. The affected person wants speedy synthetic hip alternative surgical procedure to revive motion.

Based on Dr. Hoc, the affected person’s situation poses many challenges for the surgical workforce. The 2 important components that make up the hip joint, the acetabulum and the femoral head, have fully failed; Joints change into stiff and unable to maneuver. The chance of dislocation after surgical procedure may be very excessive because of the giant distinction in leg size, unequal muscle tone on either side and extreme scoliosis.

The affected person is prescribed hip alternative utilizing the SuperPATH minimally invasive surgical method as an alternative of standard surgical strategies, limiting harm to already weak muscle teams and contractures; Guarantee steadiness in leg muscle energy; Select the suitable kind of joint to keep away from dislocation…

On the primary day after surgical procedure, the affected person now not has ache and may stroll comfortably and steadily, with out the necessity for assistive gadgets.

Nevertheless, the size of his legs is just too completely different attributable to broken hip joints, tilted pelvis and backbone. Leg size can’t be instantly equalized after surgical procedure. Sufferers must coordinate with long-term rehabilitation workouts to steadiness the kidnapping muscle energy on either side, serving to the pelvis change into much less tilted; Restores paraspinal muscle teams, corrects scoliosis and restores gait steadiness.

Prognosis: After 3-6 months, Mr. Than can restore 80-90% of his balanced gait and enhance his low leg and excessive leg situation. After this time, he nonetheless must proceed coaching to fully restore his pure gait.

Physician Hoc cautions sufferers to not have their joints changed too early as a result of there isn’t a higher joint than a pure joint. Nevertheless, as soon as prescribed by a physician, the affected person ought to have surgical procedure quickly to keep away from severe problems affecting the backbone, pelvis, knee joints, ankle joints…

SuperPath is a sophisticated hip alternative method with many benefits equivalent to quick incisions, no muscle chopping, quick surgical procedure time, much less blood loss… Due to that, sufferers have much less ache and get better quicker. Usually, in the future after surgical procedure, the affected person can stroll usually with a walker.

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