Findings of a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal

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  • Presidential elections are to be held in America in the month of November.
  • Trump has 2 to 8 percent more support than Biden in six states

Presidential elections are to be held in America in the month of November. Current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are facing a tough competition in the presidential elections. Meanwhile, the results of the opinion poll that have come out are shocking. It is being said that Biden is lagging behind rival candidate Trump in six out of seven states. A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal showed that voters are not satisfied with the national economy. People are also doubting Biden’s ability to do the job. Donald Trump leads by 2 to 8 percentage points in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina. Both the leaders have easily become potential candidates of their party in the primary elections. There is a tough competition between the two candidates for the post of President. There is a high level of disapproval of the president’s performance in all six states. In short, the presidential race between Trump and Biden will be interesting. National polls show Trump ahead of Biden by 0.8 percentage points.

Criticism of Trump’s statements

US President Biden’s campaign spokesperson James Singer has criticized Donald Trump’s statement. Spokesman James Singer said that the American people are not going to let Trump win the presidential election. The American people are going to defeat him in November because he is bigotry, violence and vindictive.

Trump has been giving controversial statements

Addressing a rally in Dayton, Ohio, former President Donald Trump said, ‘There will be 100 percent customs duty on every car coming across the border. If elected, I will not be able to sell cars imported from across the border. Trump has also given a controversial statement in which he has said that if I am not elected President, blood will be shed here. At least that much will happen. Blood will be shed for the country.

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