A shocking report claims that the Israeli army used AI to carry out attacks in Gaza.

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  • There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas for the last six months
  • The entire Gaza Strip is in ruins, thousands of people have become homeless
  • Israel is attacking with double the force

An important claim is being made that Israel’s war with Hamas has been going on for six months. Now it is being said that the Israeli Army is also using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to target Hamas terrorists. Let us tell you that this information has come to light in a media report on the authority of Israeli intelligence officers.

Israeli officials say the AI-based tool was codenamed ‘Lavender’. There was an error of 10 percent in this also. When the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were asked about this, they did not dispute the existence of the device. However, he denied that AI was being used to identify suspected terrorists. At the same time, an official said that the machine is working like a rubber stamp. It will recognize the first male and attack within 20 seconds.

A contamination using AI

According to the report, in a long statement the Army stressed that the information system is merely a tool in the process of identifying terrorists. We are trying to ensure that there is less harm to civilians during war. The army also says that analysts should conduct independent investigations as per the rules.

International investigation is progressing rapidly

This report comes at a time when international scrutiny of Israel’s military operations is intensifying. Indeed, Israel has been accused of killing several foreign aid workers delivering food to Palestinian settlements in its targeted air strikes. After this, discussion on this issue started at the international level. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, more than 32,916 people have died in Gaza so far. At the same time, according to the United Nations, about three-fourths of the population in Northern Gaza is suffering from hunger.

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