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I contracted mumps after I was 27 years outdated. I’ve been married for 3 years and don’t have any kids. Am I infertile because of mumps problems?

How ought to I am going for examination and remedy to have kids quickly? (Ngoc Duong, Ho Chi Minh Metropolis)

Mumps is among the causes of harm to the seminiferous tubules to various levels. Extreme instances can result in everlasting injury, atrophy of each testicles, lowered sperm manufacturing, and infertility with no sperm within the semen take a look at.

Mumps and testicular atrophy problems can have an effect on all ages, particularly these in puberty, these of reproductive age who haven’t had kids or haven’t had sufficient kids due to lowered sperm manufacturing. Infertility accounts for about 35% of instances. Infertility because of problems of testicular atrophy after mumps in males is tough to deal with. The longer the length of harm, the larger the severity.

In your case, you could have been married for 3 years, don’t use contraception however haven’t had kids, and are thought-about infertile. {Couples} ought to see a health care provider early to precisely diagnose the trigger.

While you come to the Reproductive Help Middle of Tam Anh Normal Hospital in Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, you can be examined, have an ultrasound, and have a semen take a look at to find out the precise degree of harm brought on by problems of mumps. You additionally must carry out exams on genetics, gene mutations, native ailments inflicting injury to the testicles in addition to environmental publicity elements… to find out whether or not or not different causes overlap.

Physician Quang Huy (second, left) and his group carried out the micro-TESE method to search out sperm for sufferers with azoospermia after mumps. Illustration: Phuong Trinh

Relying in your situation, your physician will prescribe you applicable strategies reminiscent of accumulating sperm samples and microdissection of testicular tissue to seek for sperm (micro-TESE) if there are completely no sperm within the semen. The strategy of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and tradition within the ISO 5 laboratory system optimizes the elements of sunshine, humidity, pH… to assist the embryo develop in one of the best situations.

Infertility can come from both the husband or the spouse at a charge of 40% or from each at a charge of 20%. Due to this fact, your spouse additionally must have a complete examination of her reproductive well being to have an applicable remedy routine. After eliminating or treating issues within the uterine cavity, medical doctors develop a routine to organize the certified endometrium and switch embryos, growing the speed of profitable IVF.

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