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Quang NinhA 37-year-old man abruptly had chest ache and low blood strain. The physician found bilateral pulmonary artery occlusions, nearly inflicting sudden demise.

On April 12, Physician Ha Manh Hung, Head of Intensive Care Division, Quang Ninh Provincial Basic Hospital, mentioned that the affected person was admitted to the hospital in a state of consciousness, with indicators of shock, and the entire physique’s pores and skin was nonetheless chilly. , quick pulse, low blood strain. The affected person has a historical past of decrease extremity deep vein thrombosis and takes medicine often.

The computed tomography scan detected bilateral pulmonary artery occlusion and prescribed reperfusion with thrombolysis and anticoagulation. Shock progressively improved, blood strain stabilized and vasopressors have been stopped. So far, the affected person’s well being has improved positively, with no chest ache.

In one other case, acute pulmonary embolism was found whereas being handled for mind hemorrhage on the hospital. The affected person abruptly developed respiratory failure and circulatory arrest. Instantly, the affected person acquired profitable cardiopulmonary resuscitation. By means of the outcomes of the scan, the physician recognized acute pulmonary embolism inflicting respiratory failure and circulatory arrest in folks with cerebral hemorrhage.

The affected person was handled actively in keeping with the routine, his well being progressively improved, his consciousness recovered nicely, he was transferred to rehabilitation and coordinated with the usage of upkeep anticoagulants.

Pulmonary embolism happens when a blood clot kinds within the venous system, normally within the legs, blocking the blood vessels. Thrombi within the veins have the danger of rupturing or sloughing off and touring to the pulmonary blood vessels.

The illness is tough to diagnose as a result of it has no particular signs and is well confused with different illnesses. This can be a extreme medical emergency with sudden onset and a mortality fee of as much as 30%, so the preliminary analysis requires fast and correct therapy to supply well timed therapy.

Pulmonary embolism can occur to anybody, at any age, the danger is frequent in surgical sufferers, with circumstances that restrict motion (decrease limb fractures, resuscitation therapy, and so forth.) aged…), malignant illness, sufferers with a historical past of venous thrombosis.

Scientific signs are numerous and most are nonspecific, and may seem in many various circumstances. When acute pulmonary embolism is extreme, the danger of demise might be as much as 60% with a really fast development within the first 1-2 hours.

To forestall illness, every individual wants to keep up a scientific life-style equivalent to ingesting sufficient water and limiting alcoholic drinks. Individuals with varicose veins ought to put on venous stockings. Sufferers taking anticoagulants want to keep up the medicine as prescribed by their physician.

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