A boat carrying 130 people capsized in Mozambique, killing more than 90

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  • It sank because there were more people on board than required.
  • People are also migrating to escape the jihadi attack from the neighboring country.
  • 15000 cases, 32 deaths due to cholera by October 2023

D. A sad news is coming from the African country Mozambique. A boat capsized near the northern coast and 90 people died due to this. According to the report, this boat was going to an island in Nampula province with 130 people but an accident happened midway. It is noteworthy that this boat was earlier a fishing boat.

search operation underway

Officials said the boat sank because it was overloaded. Apart from this, the boat was also unsuitable for passenger transport i.e. carrying passengers. Children are also included among those who died. Despite rescue efforts, only 5 survivors have been found so far. The search for others is ongoing but sea conditions are making the task difficult.

Cholera disease is also responsible in the incident

It is noteworthy that cholera disease is also involved in this incident. According to the report, Mozambique, which is battling a cholera outbreak, has recorded 15,000 cases of cholera and 32 deaths since October 2023. Due to this people are migrating from here. Apart from this, the number of people is also increasing in neighboring Cabo Delgado to escape Jihadi attacks.


This island was discovered by Vasco da Gama

Out of the 5 rescued people, 2 are undergoing treatment. The boat was heading towards Mozambique island. This UNESCO World Heritage Island was once the capital of Portuguese East Africa. This island was discovered by Vasco da Gama. It is noteworthy that this place has had to face the effects of devastating cyclones many times. There is also a lot of poverty here.

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