America: Arizona court upheld 160-year-old ban on abortion

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  • A doctor who performs abortions in the state of Arizona faces five years in prison
  • If we get majority, we will take away the rights of the republic and enact abortion rights law.
  • Doctor who performed abortion against verdict sentenced to five years in prison

Presidential elections are going to be held in America in November this year. Meanwhile, a verdict of the apex court in the electorally important state of Arizona has heated up the politics and the issue is becoming electorally important. Arizona’s top court on Tuesday upheld a 160-year-old blanket ban on abortion. According to the provisions of the abortion ban, a doctor who performs an abortion against a court order can be sentenced to five years in prison. US President Joe Biden criticized the Arizona court’s decision as a cruel ban. However, the Arizona Court also cited the decision given by the Supreme Court in the year 2022 in its decision. That Supreme Court decision struck down a nationwide guarantee of access to abortion. However, this decision of the Arizona Court has created a huge legal and political controversy.

Do not allow implementation of the judgment: Attorney General

Attorney General Chris Mayes, a Democrat from Arizona, was the first to oppose the court’s decision. The Attorney General had sworn that he would not allow this decision of the court to be implemented. He said that this decision is an insult to Jadvat and Swattar. He said the law was drafted 150 years ago when Arizona wasn’t even a separate state. There was a civil war going on in the country and women did not even have the right to vote in the United States. That period was like a black law in American history. He said, ‘As long as I hold the post of Attorney General of the state, no case will be prosecuted against any woman or any doctor under this law.’ US President Biden criticized the decision, saying Republicans were taking away women’s rights.

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