Netanyahu worried about anti-government rally in Israel, 5 injured after ramming car into protesters

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  • A fierce war has been going on between Hamas and Israel for the last six months.
  • Five people injured after a car ran over protesters
  • People raised slogans and protested against Israeli PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s troubles have now been increased by the people of his own country. Israeli people are angry with the government due to the continuous killing of Israeli hostages in Gaza. A large anti-government rally was organized in Tel Aviv, Israel. A car ran over protesters during the protest, injuring five people, one of whom suffered minor injuries. Police have detained the driver for questioning. According to the information, officials are also investigating the motive and involvement of the driver.

Meanwhile, Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karahi blamed “leftist leaders inside and outside the coalition” for driving the car into protesters. Karhi tweeted in Hebrew that he should not have gone among the protesters. Do not attack police officers. Do not throw burning torches at the Prime Minister’s residence. Opposition leader Yair Lapid condemned the incident and blamed the government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for promoting violence and division.

Protests have been going on against the government for a week

Six months after the war, with demands for new elections and a hostage deal with Hamas, Israel has been stoking the country’s biggest anti-government protests since last week, with scenes going viral on Sunday that saw thousands of protesters flock to Tel Aviv Gone is social media. Police dispersed the crowd on Arlozorov Street and Bloch Street as many of them sat on the road and blocked traffic. While breaking up the demonstration, an old man was crushed by a police horse.


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