Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan will return land to Taliban, India praised

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  • India sees this move by Taliban as a positive sign
  • The previous government in Afghanistan snatched the land of Hindus and Sikhs
  • Earlier Hindus and Sikhs were marginalized in Afghanistan

The Taliban, which has been ruling Afghanistan for some time, is continuously taking initiatives to improve relations with India. In the latest initiative, Taliban officials have started working towards returning their lands to the Hindu and Sikh minorities based in Afghanistan. Let us tell you that their land was snatched away from them during the previous government supported by western countries.

A Taliban official said, “This initiative is an important step towards ending the injustice being done to religious minorities in Afghanistan.” Let us tell you that Hindus and Sikhs are being displaced in Afghanistan for a long time. There he was pushed to the margins. Indian officials see this development as a positive signal from the Taliban towards India. Narendra Singh Khalsa, Member of Parliament representing the Hindu and Sikh communities, recently returned to Afghanistan from Canada.

CAA law came into force in India

The Central Government has recently implemented the Citizenship Amendment Act or CAA to grant citizenship to such minorities who are persecuted on foreign soil. This bill has been passed in the Parliament long ago. It was removed after protests across the country. However, it has been implemented before the Lok Sabha elections. Let us tell you that CAA makes a provision for granting Indian citizenship to religious minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, Christians) from foreign countries, especially neighboring countries.

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