After Taiwan, America, now an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude has occurred in Indonesia.

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  • Tremors of 6.6 magnitude hit many areas of eastern Indonesia
  • The earthquake occurred at 07.02 am on Tuesday, Jakarta time.
  • The epicenter of the earthquake was 46 km southeast of Ransiki city.

An earthquake of 6.6 magnitude has been felt in the eastern areas of Indonesia. This information was given by the United State Geological Survey on Tuesday, April 9. Meanwhile, media reports say that an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude has occurred in Papua, the eastern province of Indonesia.

According to reports, Indonesia’s Geophysics Agency had initially reported the earthquake’s intensity as 6.1. But, later it was amended. The agency said the earthquake struck at 7.02 a.m. Jakarta time on Tuesday, with its epicenter 46 km southeast of Ransik city and at a depth of 11 km below sea level.

Aftershocks may hit these places in Indonesia

According to the information, it is also being said that the tremors of the earthquake have been felt far away. However, the good news is that the agency has not issued any tsunami warning. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also said there was no tsunami warning at this time, but Indonesia’s Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said people living near the Molucca Sea could feel aftershocks.

Due to these reasons, there is a high risk of earthquake in Indonesia.

Earthquake tremors will not cause high tide. However, when earthquake tremors were felt in Indonesia, people in homes, offices and other buildings got scared. Frightened by the earthquake, people immediately started running towards safe places. Indonesia is an archipelagic country located along the Ring of Fire and is prone to earthquakes.

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