Former minister of Maldives finally had to appeal to India

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  • The ousted minister of Muizzu government again insulted India
  • This time the controversial post has been made regarding Tricolor and BJP.
  • Maryam assured not to make such mistake again

Former Maldives Minister Mariam Shiuna posted about India. He has apologized for his post. He had made a derogatory post regarding the flag of the opposition party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). In her post on social media platform Twitter (X), Maryam wrongly used matchsticks on the Ashoka Pillar, the national symbol of India. This brought strong reaction from MDP and users in India.

Maryam wrote in her post against MDP, ‘There is no difference between MDP and BJP, there is a need to be cautious of them.’ In this post he also misused BJP’s election symbol ‘Lotus’. In fact, when elections are about to be held in Maldives, leaders of political parties are making statements against each other.

In this sequence, former Maldives minister Mariam Shiuna has targeted the opposition party MDP through a post. In this post he has insulted the tricolor. He has compared MDP with BJP. BJP’s election symbol lotus has also been used in his post. Mohammad Muizzu’s party leader Maryam has made such a post for the second time. Earlier, he had made a derogatory post on PM Modi’s visit, after which he was removed from the post of minister. Mariam Shiuna was the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts in the Government of Maldives.

Maryam wrote apologizing…

Once again Maryam insulted the national flag of India, which was strongly opposed by Indian users, after which she deleted her post. Now he has posted another apology. He wrote that ‘the purpose of his post was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. This happened completely unintentionally, leading to many misunderstandings. This post attracted a lot of attention and many people criticized the post. I apologize for this, will take care not to post like this in future. He further said that he is sorry for the misunderstanding.

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