USA: Woman’s hair fell due to chemotherapy, later doctor made shocking revelation

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  • Doctor told after damage to hair and skin due to chemotherapy
  • Although the woman did not have cancer, the doctor started chemotherapy
  • Doctors did not even look at the lab test report and did chemotherapy.

A shocking case has come to light in Texas, America. It so happened that the pathology report of a woman revealed that she was suffering from cancer. Based on this report, the woman’s chemotherapy was started, but the woman now found out that she never had cancer. Now the woman is worried about what happened to her. In this case, great negligence of the doctors has come to light.

Learn about the case in detail

According to media reports, the woman had reached the hospital in the year 2022 complaining of stomach ache. The woman suspected that she was suffering from kidney stone problem. The investigation report also revealed kidney stones, but upon examination the woman’s spleen was found to be enlarged. Subsequently, in January last year the woman underwent surgery on her spleen to remove the extra parts. The extra portion of the spleen removed from the surgery was sent for lab testing. When three pathology lab reports failed to give the correct diagnosis, a fourth lab test was conducted, which confirmed that the woman had cancer.

Doctors crossed all limits of negligence

After this the woman started chemotherapy in the hospital. After the first chemotherapy, all the hair of the woman fell out and during the second chemotherapy, the woman’s skin got damaged. When the woman went to the hospital for a routine checkup in April, she was told that she did not have cancer and was absolutely healthy. The woman was surprised to hear this. The woman says that the hospital has shown gross negligence. The woman said that the second lab test report arrived at the hospital before the start of her second chemotherapy. But the doctors at the hospital did not look at the report and started his second chemotherapy.

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