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Measles, Rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough, and influenza unfold shortly and have precipitated pandemics, so it’s essential to proactively forestall them when the climate adjustments.

Within the first three months of the yr, the Ministry of Well being recorded many circumstances of chickenpox, whooping cough, measles… nationwide, thus warning localities to extend monitoring of outbreaks, assessment, and improve vaccination. Individuals who haven’t been vaccinated or don’t have any immunity, and ladies of childbearing age are additionally really useful for prevention.

Physician Bach Thi Chinh, Medical Director, VNVC Vaccination System, analyzed the mechanism of robust unfold of the above illnesses within the context of seasonal climate and proactive prevention strategies.


Measles is attributable to the Polinosa Morbillarum virus, simply unfold by coughing, sneezing and shut contact. The virus can survive for 2 hours within the air and on surfaces. In response to the US Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC), one individual with measles infects 12-18 folks; For each 10 individuals who haven’t been vaccinated or have by no means had measles, 9 will get the illness.

In 2022, measles contaminated about 9 million folks and killed greater than 136,000 folks all over the world, turning into an epidemic in 37 nations. Beforehand, in 2019, the variety of measles circumstances elevated sharply globally with almost 870,000 circumstances, inflicting greater than 207,500 deaths.

Measles causes 2.6 million deaths every year when vaccines will not be broadly used. Since 1963, when measles vaccine turned accessible, greater than 56 million folks have been vaccinated, equal to 7,000 folks/day (2000-2021).

There are at the moment many forms of measles vaccine, a single measles shot for youngsters from 9 months previous; mixed measles – rubella vaccine for youngsters from 12 months; Measles – mumps – rubella prevention for youngsters 9 or 12 months previous relying on the sort. The vaccine is 97% efficient when given two doses.


Rubella (German measles) is transmitted by the respiratory tract by coughing, sneezing, shut contact with sick folks or nasopharyngeal secretions. The virus is contagious from 7 days earlier than to 7 days after the rash seems. About 25-50% of contaminated folks don’t develop a rash or have signs, however can nonetheless transmit it to others.

Analysis describing the epidemiology of the illness carried out in Vietnam throughout the interval 2008-2012 confirmed that Rubella circulated periodically and precipitated an epidemic nationwide in 2011. There have been 10,491 circumstances in 5 years from 2008- 2012, equal to a median annual fee of two.4/100,000 folks. The illness is widespread from February to April.

Pregnant moms also can transmit Rubella to the fetus by the blood. If a pregnant lady contracts Rubella within the first month of being pregnant, the speed of an infection to the fetus is 81-90%. The speed is 60-70% in month 2. Within the third month, the an infection fee is 35-50%. At 13-16 weeks of being pregnant, the an infection fee is 17%. By the 17-20 week mark, the an infection fee drops to five%.

The illness causes encephalitis and beginning defects. In response to statistics, earlier than there was a vaccine, each 4/1000 dwell births suffered from congenital Rubella syndrome (CRS). Daily, the world has 492 youngsters with CRS, Vietnam has greater than 8 youngsters with CRS because of Rubella. Contaminated adults, extra generally ladies, could develop arthritis and joint ache that often lasts 3-10 days.

Because of vaccines, the variety of sick folks has decreased considerably on the planet. Within the US, lower than 10 folks get Rubella every year. In response to analysis within the US, in 2009, the measles – mumps – rubella vaccine helped keep away from 32% of illnesses and 68% of deaths, decreasing therapy and medical burden for folks.

Hen pox

Chickenpox is attributable to the Varicella Zoster virus, transmitted instantly by secretions from pores and skin lesions, nasopharyngeal secretions or not directly by contact surfaces.

In response to consultants, in communities with out immunity, the speed of chickenpox an infection between sick folks and wholesome members of the family is about 87%, and the an infection fee in hospitals is about 70%. One individual with chickenpox can infect 8-12 individuals who haven’t been vaccinated. The virus is contagious 48 hours earlier than the blisters seem, lasting till the blisters crust over for 4-7 days.

In response to the World Well being Group (WHO), earlier than there was a vaccine, every year the world had about 140 million circumstances, 4.2 million problems and 4,200 deaths because of chickenpox.

Many individuals nonetheless consider that chickenpox solely causes blisters, lasts a couple of week and has no problems. Quite the opposite, if not correctly monitored and handled, chickenpox could cause critical problems corresponding to: pores and skin infections, ear infections, laryngitis, pneumonia, acute nephritis… even dying.

Vaccines are the simplest and easy method to forestall illness. Kids from 9 months previous and adults want two doses of chickenpox vaccine, which is 98% efficient.

Whooping cough

Whooping cough is very contagious instantly after being uncovered to droplets or respiratory secretions of sufferers, particularly folks dwelling in the identical closed, long-term house corresponding to households or faculties. … In response to the Division of Preventive Drugs, the an infection fee of individuals instantly in touch with sufferers in the identical household ranges from 90-100% and is most contagious about 2 weeks from the beginning of cough.

In response to WHO, whooping cough epidemics often happen in cycles of two to five years. Within the 2014 whooping cough epidemic, there have been an estimated 24.1 million circumstances globally, of which 160,700 deaths had been in youngsters below 6 years previous.

Whooping cough will not be a easy respiratory illness as it may possibly result in problems corresponding to superinfection (pneumonia, otitis media); respiratory failure (because of apnea, pneumonia or pulmonary hypertension), circulatory failure; elevated pulmonary artery stress; lifeless.

Research present that the vaccine is as much as 98% efficient in defending in opposition to whooping cough when vaccinated on schedule and with sufficient doses. At present, pertussis vaccines embody mixtures corresponding to 5 in 1 and 6 in 1, administered to youngsters from 2 months to 24 months previous with a 4-shot routine. Vaccination service services have a 3-in-1 mixture to forestall diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus, and may vaccinate pregnant ladies; 4-in-1 mixture kind to forestall polio, indicated for youngsters from 2 months to 13 years previous.

The injection containing whooping cough must be repeated when the kid is 4-6 and 9-15 years previous. Adults must repeat each 10 years to take care of long-term immunity in opposition to whooping cough.


A century in the past, the Spanish flu pandemic contaminated about half a billion folks and killed 50-100 million folks worldwide, many instances greater than World Conflict I. In 2009, Vietnam recorded H1N1 influenza epidemic is massive, with 11,104 optimistic circumstances and 53 deaths.

Influenza is simple to catch, contagious and may kind clusters of circumstances and small outbreaks. In case the influenza A virus has genetic mutations, it has a really excessive threat of inflicting a big epidemic. With numerous transmission routes, folks with flu can transmit the virus to wholesome folks by respiratory secretions from a distance of as much as 2 m. As well as, flu viruses can survive for 1-2 days in regular temperature environments. Specifically, in humid and chilly environments, the virus can survive longer.

Usually, sufferers with seasonal flu can get well inside 2-7 days. Nonetheless, folks with weak immunity are at excessive threat of harmful problems.

For youngsters, seasonal flu will increase the danger of pneumonia eight instances. As well as, flu also can result in different problems corresponding to otitis media, pneumonia, acute myocarditis, acute encephalitis… dying. In response to statistics, about 28,000-111,500 little one deaths are associated to seasonal flu.

For the aged, influenza an infection reduces perform or prevents them from totally recovering their earlier well being. Influenza additionally not directly impacts the multi-organ system, inflicting folks to face an 8-fold elevated threat of stroke and a 10-fold elevated threat of myocardial infarction inside every week of flu an infection. Subsequently, everybody wants to take care of annual flu vaccination, particularly younger youngsters, the aged, and other people with underlying medical situations.

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