200 patients accused the doctor of assault

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  • The accused used to conduct unnecessary tests like breast examination and male testicles.
  • The accused doctor should be dismissed from his job. Case against doctor and two hospitals
  • Todd was physically abusing patients since 2010

A doctor in America has been fired from his job due to serious allegations of assaulting patients. More than 200 women and several men have filed a lawsuit against the doctor, accusing him of molestation in the name of physical examination. It is alleged that Dr. Derrick Todd was doing unnecessary tests on patients in the name of physical examination. Doctors used to beat patients in the name of physical examination.

Dr. Derrick worked at Bridham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He was dismissed from his job as a doctor in July last year after he was accused of assaulting patients. It is alleged that the doctor was doing pelvic floor therapy, breast examination and unnecessary examination of men’s testicles. Todd had been physically abusing patients since 2010. A lawsuit has been filed against the doctor in Suffolk Superior Court, Massachusetts. Bridham and Women’s Hospital and another hospital, Charles River Medical Association, are also named as defendants.

Will help in investigation: Hospital

In the year 2023, allegations started being made against the doctor. A female patient started complaining. As the uproar over the matter increased, the hospital sent the doctor on leave. Then the doctor was fired from his job. The hospital has issued a statement in the matter saying that it is facing a lot of trouble due to the allegations against the doctor. The hospital has assured cooperation in the ongoing investigation against the doctor. The female patients complaining of physical abuse include teenagers to elderly women.

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