Rebels in Myanmar launched drone attack on the capital, army swung into action

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  • The attack on the capital Naypyidaw was the biggest blow to the junta administration.
  • The drone attack was carried out as a show of force against military rule
  • 29 drone attacks were carried out targeting airports, army and air force bases

After the coup, the situation in Myanmar is becoming more critical. At present, military rule has been imposed in Myanmar. Yet fierce fighting between the junta regime and rebel groups has reached the capital Naypyidaw. If the opposition is to be believed, the order to attack the army with drones was given by them. According to the National Unity Government, about 29 drone strikes were carried out targeting airports, air force bases and other army headquarters.

However, the good news is that no civilian has been injured in this dangerous attack. The officials there have also confirmed this news. This is the biggest blow to the junta administration since the attack on the capital Naypyidaw on the morning of Thursday 04 April. This is being said to be the biggest success for the rebel groups.

The main motive of the rebels behind targeting the capital is to demonstrate their power against the current military regime. After this attack, the statement of the ruling army has also come out. The army has said that they have foiled all the attacks by the rebels. After the attack, the statement of NUG Deputy Secretary MG MG Swe has come to light. He says that we had made many plans for this special operation.

Let us tell you that NUG supports the government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, who was removed from power in a coup in 2021. The NUG and other opposition rebel groups have been fighting the junta since the coup.

Currently, the NUG and rebel groups have wrested many areas from the junta regime. Myanmar has been in civil war for almost 3 years. Meanwhile, if we look at the United Nations report, thousands of people have been killed in this civil war, while about 26 lakh people have been displaced.

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