Iran will make 3 nuclear bombs in a week: Report

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  • Iran is also reportedly upgrading its weapons with uranium.
  • Report on Iran’s nuclear program increases America, Israel’s concern
  • Iran has come very close to developing a nuclear bomb

Amid Iran’s rivalry with Israel, there have been reports that Iran has come very close to developing a nuclear bomb. An American newspaper has created tension by making this claim. It has also been reported that Iran has accumulated a large amount of uranium, enough to make three nuclear bombs a week. Iran is upgrading not only its nuclear weapons but also some of its weapons with the help of uranium. Due to these claims being made regarding Iran, the world is in danger of a new war. American newspaper Washington Post revealed this through officials on Wednesday

Iran is approaching nuclear weapons capability and Tehran has also rapidly accumulated large amounts of uranium stockpile. Uranium is highly required in making atomic bombs. However, Iran has stated that it has no plans to build a nuclear bomb. Of course he said he collected uranium.

Israel’s tension will increase

The news of Iran developing a nuclear bomb has increased tensions between America and Israel. Recently Israel attacked the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. This attack was against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah is supported by Iran and this terrorist organization also has involvement in the government of Lebanon. Angered by the attack on itself, Iran also threatened Israel with a retaliatory attack.

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