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TP HCMMs. Mai, 44 years previous, usually heard unusual noises in her head, inflicting tinnitus and insomnia for greater than 6 months. The physician found a posh cerebral vascular malformation.

The outcomes of magnetic resonance imaging of the mind and cerebral vessels at Tam Anh Common Hospital in Ho Chi Minh Metropolis confirmed that Ms. Mai had a dural arteriovenous fistula in the appropriate transverse sigmoid sinus, about 4×2 cm in measurement.

On April 12, BS.CK II Thi Van Ginger, Head of the Interventional Imaging Unit, Deputy Director of the Vascular Intervention Middle, mentioned that arteriovenous fistula is a situation through which the arteries and veins within the mind are abnormally related. usually. Injury impacts the affected person, inflicting signs of tinnitus and problem sleeping.

Ms. Mai was prescribed endovascular intervention to dam the fistula. Dr. Ginger assessed that the pathology of dural arteriovenous fistula within the transverse sigmoid sinus is sophisticated as a result of there are lots of arterial sources supplying blood into the fistula. With the assist of the trendy DSA digital subtraction angiography system, the physician inserts a small needle into the femoral artery, threads a microcatheter alongside the blood vessels to the mind, accesses and makes use of specialised supplies to clogging the fistula.

Ms. Mai’s magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) clearly reveals the complicated cerebral arteriovenous system. Picture: Tam Anh Common Hospital

Throughout the intervention course of, the physician should guarantee the proper collection of blood vessels, preserving the venous sinuses that drain blood to the center with out being clogged. Ms. Mai is awake all through the intervention course of and may talk about instantly with the physician if she feels uncomfortable or has a headache.

After intervention, the fistula was virtually fully clogged. The affected person has no tinnitus, is wholesome, now not frightened about insomnia as a consequence of unusual noises within the head, and is predicted to be discharged from the hospital after a couple of days.

The crew intervenes to dam the affected person’s fistula. Picture: Tam Anh Common Hospital

Tinnitus is a situation through which sounds are heard when there isn’t any precise noise from the surface surroundings. There are lots of causes of tinnitus, together with blood vessel abnormalities within the mind.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Duc, Head of the Division of Neurology, Middle for Neuroscience, mentioned that at present, vascular abnormalities similar to arteriovenous and venous fistulas within the mind may be simply detected due to cranial magnetic resonance imaging. Cerebral vessels don’t require injection of magnetic distinction agent.

Magnetic resonance imaging also can detect many different ailments associated to cerebral blood vessels similar to cerebral aneurysms, cerebral artery stenosis, vascular variations or irregular mind vein growth. Thereby, medical doctors have plans to watch and supply preventive remedy for sufferers.

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