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Many individuals consider that pig liver is a spot the place toxins accumulate, so you shouldn’t eat it to keep away from accumulating extra toxins within the physique. Is that this view appropriate? (Ha, 40 years outdated, Hanoi)

The notion that the liver accumulates toxins is inaccurate. The liver is an organ that helps detoxify. Moreover, vitamin A and iron are ample within the liver, offering iron to stop anemia and iron deficiency, good for youngsters and pregnant ladies in addition to ladies of childbearing age. Vitamin A has the impact of nourishing eyes, enhancing resistance and progress in youngsters.

Basically, consuming liver scientifically and fairly is sweet for well being and doesn’t add toxins to the physique. Nevertheless, the liver incorporates plenty of ldl cholesterol so it isn’t appropriate for the aged, folks with metabolic issues corresponding to hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, gout, kidney illness, chubby and overweight folks. enlarged.

You should purchase liver that’s darkish crimson and contemporary, with out nodules. Keep away from shopping for liver from pigs that present indicators of sickness or dying.

While you purchase the liver, lower it into skinny slices, wash it with chilly water, then use tissue paper to dry all of the blood. Thus, the toxins within the liver’s blood have been eradicated, leaving solely nutrient-rich liver cells.

Concerning dosage, you must solely eat liver 2-3 occasions per week and every time 50-70 g for adults, 30-50 g for youngsters.

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