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Many individuals imagine that consuming cassava powder mixed with honey will create a particularly poisonous substance that may kill folks. Is that this true or false? (Quynh, 32 years outdated, Hanoi)

The knowledge that honey eaten with tapioca starch causes demise is only a widespread perception. In keeping with scientific analysis, these two meals should not incompatible. Due to this fact, when used collectively, it can’t have an effect on human life. Quite the opposite, honey eaten with tapioca starch additionally brings many advantages to customers.

Honey is fashioned from the method of employee bees amassing nectar from flowers. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties due to a various supply of vitamins. Since historical instances, folks have identified find out how to use honey as a pure medication to help the remedy of ailments in addition to a magnificence methodology for ladies.

Over time, honey has develop into an indispensable meals. Along with getting used as a spice in cooking, the product can also be used to help well being care. In Oriental medication, honey can also be a tonic used for malnourished kids and the aged to enhance well being and adaptability.

Kudzu has a candy style, cool properties, and has the impact of cooling, treating neck ache, thirst, diabetes, diarrhea, and dysentery. Kudzu treats heatstroke, fever, headache, sweating, heartburn, and fatigue. Within the sizzling summer season climate, a glass of tapioca starch water helps you quench your thirst, combat fatigue, and scale back heatstroke and sunstroke. Tapioca starch additionally helps neutralize acid within the mucosa, lowering gastritis and irritable bowel. Principally, tapioca starch is benign and good for well being.

Among the many taboo meals recorded in medical paperwork, there isn’t any tapioca starch. Each honey and tapioca powder have a candy, impartial style and have the impact of clearing warmth and detoxifying. Due to this fact, their mixture doesn’t trigger well being reactions.

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