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Son LaThe girl blended the leaves with gentle drink and drank it together with her two youngsters. The mom and son died on the spot, and the 8-year-old woman was in essential situation.

On April 5, medical doctors from the Division of Emergency Drugs, Muong La District Basic Hospital, stated that the woman was admitted to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, her entire physique was pale, and he or she was in a deep coma because of leaf poisoning. 4th hour. Medical doctors couldn’t really feel the infant’s pulse, couldn’t measure the infant’s coronary heart price, tried to carry out chest compressions, open the airway, suction sputum, and squeeze the oxygen balloon. The affected person was intubated, ventilated, and had gastric lavage.

After someday of remedy, the affected person was in essential situation, his respiration was secure, his blood strain was secure, his limbs had been shifting usually, his endotracheal tube was eliminated, and he was respiration effectively on his personal. The affected person continues to be monitored.

Family stated the kid’s household was in problem. It’s unclear why the mom blended the leaves water for the mother and father and youngsters to drink. Authorities are investigating to make clear the trigger.

Finger leaf (often known as the palm tree) belongs to the cash tree household, has small leaves (like betel leaves), and yellow flowers. The leaves include a extremely poisonous alkaloid, which may trigger the one who eats it to die immediately.

Individuals poisoned with palm leaves usually have signs of thirst, sore throat, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, then weak coronary heart beat, problem respiration, dilated pupils and dying in a short time because of respiratory arrest.

When somebody is poisoned by the leaves, they should shortly take away the poison from their physique by inducing vomiting, then take them to the hospital for cleansing.

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