Iran preparing for a major attack on Israel? warned America

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  • 13 people killed in attack on Iranian Consulate in Syria
  • Iran is preparing to take action against Israel in response to the attack
  • Iran sent a written message to America warning it to stay away from conflict.

Iran is preparing a major attack on Israel. Iran has also warned America not to interfere. According to media reports, Iran has sent a written message to Washington. In this message, Iran has warned that America should not interfere and should not fall into Netanyahu’s trap. The thing is that recently there was an attack on the Iranian Consulate in Syria. Iran has blamed Israel for this attack. Iran is preparing to take action against Israel in response to this attack.

Iran threatened

Mohammad Jamshidi, the Iranian president’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, said in a post on social media that the US should not intervene so that it does not become a victim of the attacks. Jamshidi has said that America has asked Iran not to target American targets. However, America has not yet responded to Iran’s message.

According to American media, after Iran’s warning, America has also become alert and worried about the security of its base in Israel. Recently the Iranian Consulate was attacked in Syria. 13 people including a senior general of the Iranian Army were killed in this attack. Iran has blamed Israel for the attack, but Israel has not responded to the allegations.

Fear of increasing war situation in West Asia

Israel has long been attacking Iranian targets in Syria, but the latest attack was the first of its kind to target an Iranian embassy. Hezbollah fighters were also killed in the attack on the Iranian embassy. Now Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that ‘Iran will definitely respond’, but he said that ‘Hezbollah will not interfere in this.’ Iran’s preparations to attack Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war have increased the possibility of a war situation spreading to large parts of West Asia.

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